A tourist eating delicious vegetarian tacoyaki balls

Traveling on a Vegetarian Diet

September 11th, 2020

Only a few years ago, traveling while on a vegetarian diet could be an intimidating experience, and it was. Without the publicity plant based diets have been receiving around the world recently, you would find yourself being subjected to a week of french fries and cheese pizza, just about the only two vegetarian options easily accessible around the world.

Fast forward 3-5 years and here we are with the vegetarian tourism trend on the rise; largely in part, due to the increase in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles throughout the world. Since 2014 there has been a 600% increase in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles in just the United States, alone. The United Kingdom has also gone through an upwards trend and is up 300% since 2014 of people that follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. These numbers will be on the rise for quite some.

Many people throughout the world have been making the switch to a plant based diet due to many factors that include: new science on the benefits of a plant based diet, health concerns, environmental concerns, animal welfare, sustainability, and more. Many people choose to make the switch based on any number of the aforementioned reasons.

Lucky for any vegetarian, the travel industry follows suit with any trend.

Vegetarianism and Tourism

Many hot tourism spots have had to evolve and adapt with the trend. The tourism world is always malleable and adaptable to change, and the vegetarian lifestyle trend is no different.

It may still be scary to go out to a new city - or a whole new country - not knowing where to look for your next quality veg meal, but the 21st century technology and media has got you covered! While Google can be convoluted and a little chaotic, Instagram has come in with a sleek and easy way to find exactly what you’re searching for, wherever you are searching. The social media platform has become a blogger, travel, and foodie haven in recent years, with no shortage of accounts fusing the three together to help plan your next veg-foodie adventure!

Vegetarian Food Tourism Bloggers on Instagram

Instagram has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan bloggers that travel the world in search of the best plant based burger and even more veg bloggers that want to showcase the best spots to go in their own city. By using a combination of the two types of Instagram users, you can find the best spots to hit on your next adventure, or maybe even find a whole new destination to explore based on their vegetarian options!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find vegetarian options on Instagram is to search #vegetarian and then the city you are looking to visit. Many foodies and restaurants tag their posts with either #vegan or #vegetarian and then the city, making it easy to find for anyone.

As an example, if you search #veganstpete, one of the first posts to pop up is from Plant Love Ice Cream, a vegan ice cream spot in St. Pete.

Traveling to a City With a Vegitarian Diet

Traveling to a new city while following a vegetarian diet doesn’t need to be as daunting as it once was, now it can be an exciting new adventure! Most vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants have come up with new and creative ways to keep the fun flavor within the confines of the vegetarian diet, a delicious experience for anyones taste buds, veg or not.