Adventurous couple goes snorkeling along the shores of Hawaii

Explore Another World: Snorkling While on Vacation

September 24th, 2020

There’s a reason why the Hawaiian Islands draw people from every corner of the world all year round. It’s because these islands are energized with rich culture and history, are seeping with gorgeous landscapes and views, and give you experiences that most places can’t. The one incredible thing about Hawaii is the freedom you get to explore all it has to offer as soon as you step out the door. When I visited Maui, my favorite way to do this was to take my snorkel everywhere I went and to jump, heart first, into the crystal blue waters and explore all that the ocean life had to offer.

Hawaii is a top destination for many reasons, but the number one reason people flock there is because of the crystal clear waters that are teeming with sea life. So it’s no surprise that the islands are known to have some of the most reputable snorkeling and diving sites. This is in large part due to there being specific protected marine barriers for sea life to thrive in. There are also many different places that offer you an up-close look at the marine life that you wouldn't normally be able to see, such as the spinner dolphins, manta rays, monk seals, and green sea turtles, along with some geological allures such as coral reefs and caves. And the best way to explore these treasures is to take your snorkel and jump right in.

Snorkeling has always been my go-to activity because it’s so underrated. Most people would prefer to get on a boat or scuba dive if they are certified but snorkeling is a no-hassle, low-effort way to explore the ocean right outside your hotel or home. Unlike diving, there isn’t much training when it comes to snorkeling. Nearly every shop in Hawaii has swimming and snorkeling gear for you to purchase. Most of the snorkels available to you are one size fits all and they are adjustable and can be tightened so as to not let water in when you’re in the ocean. As long as you feel like you’re a skilled swimmer, there’s nothing preventing you from grabbing a snorkel, your family and friends and finding that perfect snorkel spot that’ll give you the rare chance to meet some wild marine mammals. Make sure you do some research on the snorkeling spots that are just right for you and what you’re specifically wanting to see and if you plan it right, you might just find your own secluded area with few people around. My favorite spot by far was Honolua Bay in Maui because of that areas' marine life conservation status and the charming wooded canopy you walk under to get to the ocean.

After I got the chance to see some of these animals free as they should be in the wild, it inspired me to learn more and to do better when it came to environmental and ocean conservation. Because of the effort that Hawaii puts in to keeping their endangered species safe and their waters clean, I decided to extend my snorkeling trips to a few places around the island that taught me more about the plastic invading our oceans and what all Hawaii is doing to protect the waters and animals and how anyone else can get involved.

I don’t believe there’s a better way to venture through the Hawaiian Islands than to become one with the ocean and swim right alongside the marine wildlife. It will truly add a more elevated experience to your trip. I highly recommend you choose Hawaii as your next destination and you take in everything those waters have to offer, including the chance to snorkel and visit some of the most pristine sites that are home to the most beautiful endangered animals. I firmly believe you’ll fall in love with life on the island as well as in the ocean.