Mom and dad laugh while they pack a suitcase with two kids

Packing with Kids

September 7th, 2020

Do you want to broaden your worldview? If yes, then you should pack your bags and travel. Travel can be an out of the world experience for people across all ages including children. Traveling around will fill children up with experiences that no classroom can provide. But does traveling remain the same with children?

Packing for a trip with children can be a daunting task as your list might be endless and you might not know where to start from. If you are a parent and do not want to compromise your experiences of traveling just because you are traveling with your children, then fret not and read the complete article. This article will help you learn how to prepare for travel with kids.

Make a list

This is a very important tip on how to pack for a vacation with kids as you will start to prepare for your trip by making a list. Categorise the list into different sections dedicated to you, your spouse, children and other family members. You will have to make a list of items a few days prior to your trip and keep adding stuff. Start ticking off the less important items from the list as you do not want to overload your luggage.

Book an early morning flight

If you want to avoid the chance of delays in take off and landing, then book an early morning flight. Apart from that, they are less crowded and your children will fall asleep quickly in the morning flight.

Keep extra time on your hand

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep extra time on your hand when traveling with family. Everything ranging from checking in at the airport, going through the security check to boarding the plane will take more time when you are traveling with family. Reach the airport early as you should keep in mind that things might not go as per your plan.

Overpacking is a big NO NO!

You might want to bring the entire house when traveling with family which might lead to overpacking. Please avoid that as you would not want to carry heavy luggage from one place to another along with your children.

Pack the most important items which mainly include your children’s medicines, favorite books/toys/games, car seat, comfy clothes and snacks. Even if you miss anything, you can always buy at your destination. Carry light bags and light minds!


The list of pre-booking does not end at your flight tickets. While traveling with children, you cannot leave things for the last minute. You should know where exactly you are staying as you will head towards your hotel for some rest the moment you land. Try to pre-book destinations like amusement parks, restaurants, museums etc in order to avoid last minute queues.

Bring Snacks

Snacks might not seem as an essential item for your trip but you will realise it the moment you get on with the journey. It is very important to keep cranky children at bay and feed them enough in order to keep them happy. Pack enough baby food if you have a baby.

You might not know when your flight time gets extended, or you get stuck in traffic while your way back to the hotel or which type of food is available at your destination. On a trip with children, you will realise that no matter how many snacks you bring, you will run out of them much sooner than expected.

Safety is of utmost importance

It will be easy for you to get caught up with the logistics which can give your mischievous child a chance to wander around. Obviously, you would not want to lose your calm while being on a trip. So, always remember to keep an eye on your children as their safety is the most important and valuable aspect of the trip.

Nevertheless, you should be ready for things to go wrong. In order to ensure your children’s safety, make sure you give them your contact information which should include your name, phone number, email address and hotel address. If you have young children, put a note in their pocket or shoe or attach a card to their belt.


You should make a separate list of essentials by categorising the family members. This should include different types of medicines for headache, motion sickness, allergy, upset stomach and other specific medicines for you.

Other than that, keep a car seat if you have a baby or toddler. Download some age specific games and activities in your electronic devices. Yes, we know that electronics are not alternatives to actual play and that screen time is not good for children but you can keep it as the last resort. Also, keep plenty of fun games, books and playdough as children get bored easily and would want to switch to another game/activity quickly.


You should always check the formalities and paperwork needed by the country you are traveling to when traveling with children. You might need additional documentation other than passports which include the children’s birth certificates.

If you are traveling with children of some relative or friends, make sure you have the original and copies of their birth certificates along with a note of the children’s parents who are not present on the trip.

Expect the unexpected

It is important to tell your children what to expect on the trip if they are old enough to understand. On other hand, you should be ready to expect the unexpected as things might not always turn out exactly as planned. There might be some inevitable and unexpected situations but try not to spoil your trip by stressing over it.

We believe that if you have read the complete article, you might get some confidence to plan a trip with your kids. Stop brooding over it and just do it. You will realise that it will be your best quality time with your family and the experiences you gather while traveling will be etched on your hearts and minds forever.