A couple enjoying a conversation beside the pool at an all inclusive resort near their home in California

Local Luxury Stay-cay: Staying near home at a luxury resort

September 10th, 2020

We all need a break from the norm every once a while, to get away from our desk and spend some time on ourselves. Unfortunately we don’t all have the resources and time to spend on a lavish vacation; traveling to exotic luxurious places can take a lot from your budgeted spending and something even more precious - your time.

Treat Yourself to Local Luxury

Travelers are finding it exceedingly difficult to pick a proper destination. Considering the current state of affairs around the world, traveling to a new destination comes with a lot of uncertainty. Planning your flight was already difficult, now you can’t count on your flight times or even days!

Even considering a cheap motel to make up for travel expenses sends shivers down every traveler's spine, making most shy away from traveling or vacationing at all.

The hospitality industry has taken a large hit from travel restrictions, but they are starting to see a growing trend in travelers staying in local luxury. Instead of going through the hassle and stress of planning an out-of-state or country vacation, families, couples and friends are finding staycations to be a marvelous solution.

A staycation offers you comfort of knowing the culture, area, and laws - it is also a great way to treat yourself!

How Do I Start?

Tourism is (or was) a major industry and money maker for most states, the revenue it brings in often goes back into that state or city where you travel to, wouldn’t it be great if you put your vacation into your city?

You may be surprised at what your area has to offer its tourists. Every state has its own tourism website, you can find simply by using the directory linked here. Beyond that, most major cities, and a lot of small ones, have their own special tourism website as well!

These resources will start your journey to find your perfect staycation. For example, my home state is Oregon, where they are all about promoting tourism! If you just scroll through their site you will find resources, ideas, and other guides aimed towards helping tourists find the right activities.

Find your state’s website, look for your city or a nearby area, it may lead you to another website full of resources on what activities are popular in the specific location. I know, research isn’t always fun, but this process will help you learn how to be a tourist in your own home. You can use your state’s website to find smaller towns near you, you may be surprised at what they have to offer.

Where Do I Stay?

Now that you have an idea of what your area has to offer, you may be wondering where you are going to stay. Since you aren’t breaking the bank on air fare or travel fees, you can really splurge on your lodging. Don’t just stay at a basic hotel, imagine your perfect room and find it!

Pinpoint what your desired amenities are - think beyond internet access and breakfast - be bold with your staycation.


If you have a lot of things on your to do list, restaurants in mind or other activities, consider staying at an upscale hotel in your city. Treat yourself to a view outside of your norm and explore your city with a new perspective.

Upscale full-service hotels offer an experience as a part of the stay. A gorgeous room, in room dining, and impeccable staff - among many other things. Upscale hotels can range from full service to luxury, depending on what their property has to offer and what is included. Most upscale hotels will treat you like royalty with all the extra staff services, others will include your meals and possibly entertainment.

Think about what your needs are when searching for your perfect stay. You will want to be sure you understand exactly what is included when booking your hotel.

A simple google search will help bring you to the upscale hotels near you, or your desired city. Your next job is to read through actual reviews, though amenities may be offered on a website page, reality can often be different. See what others have to say about the property before going to their site to book.


Another great option would be a luxury resort staycation. There are a large variety of classifications of resort types, but ultimately they are all inclusive lodging facilities that offer lavish amenities from food to entertainment. Though an upscale hotel may have similar amenities, they often do not have activities or multiple choices available for the guest.

The best part of finding a perfect resort, is not having to leave it. This is the perfect choice if you’re not interested in going out and doing a bunch of activities, but are looking for relaxation and escape.

Maybe you found a beautiful nearby city in your search that you’re interested in, or you’ve decided to stay close to home. No matter your choice the easiest next step is that wonderful google search:

As you can see I just typed in the two words “luxury resort” and scrolled down to the location results. This is a really easy way to get a quick look at most of the things around you. Your location’s website will also have recommendations on where tourists like to go. From there you can refine your dates, price range, and location!

Be sure to fully read your resort’s website and amenities so you know exactly what to expect! There could also be rules for conduct, dress, etc to consider.

Future Vacations

Hospitality and tourism are constantly evolving to meet the travelers’ wants and needs. As there continues to be a growing trend in house sharing and renting (airbnb), travelers’ have more and more options on where and how to staycation.

You want some more privacy and just want to get away from the house, cabin rentals could be available just 20 miles away. Staycations and mini-getaways are growing among travelers, and the tools are only becoming easier to find and use.

All it takes is a search to keep up with the latest trends in travel!