A canvas tents and a semi permanent deck often used for glamping

Glamping: A Popular Trend in Luxury Getaways

August 31st, 2020

According to many sources, each year more and more people are seemingly interested in glamping, also known as luxury camping. The concept of camping has been around for thousands of centuries. A man from the United Kingdom by the name of Thomas Hiram Holding is often referred to as the one who invented the concept, being that he was a traveler. Since then the camping industry has been evolving into much more than your average holiday weekend camping trip.

The Growing popularity of Glamping

Over the last several years, outdoor tourism has been steadily expanding and new companies are beginning to emerge. These new companies claim to offer the classic camping experience but with luxury amenities including high quality tents that are fully equipped with air conditioning, kitchen appliances, indoor bathroom with toilet, comfortable bed, television, and even Wi-Fi. The term glamping arose from the concept of luxurious living in a tent. This means that one can still enjoy the rugged adventures of traditional camping during the day but also have most of the comforts of sleeping at home during the night. With the industry continuously evolving, it is no surprise that more people are becoming interested in this growing trend.

Why have we seen an increase in glamping popularity?

One of the driving forces in the glamping industry is the increase in social media influence, which makes it easier for young people and nature lovers to advertise luxury services to their followers. Glamping doesn’t always have to mean expensive luxury. It can actually be quite affordable. Quality can range from a simple camper, RV, motor home to tents with bedrooms and running water. The best part about glamping is that you can also create your own DIY experience. Its fun and easy to plan a family trip but also turn it up a notch. Pack all the necessities but also bring the air mattress for extra comfort. Or the battery operated space heater to keep everyone cozy at night. Little things like that can be inexpensive but create a big difference in the overall camping experience.

What does this mean for the future of camping?

Due to the circumstances surrounding this year that has been 2020, people are opting for private camping experiences now more than ever. Over the last couple of months there has been a spike in campsite bookings and RV reservations across the country not only because of the summer month high season, but also because normal activity is beginning to resume. Bit seems that being deprived of normal living has caused people to go all out when planning their first vacation since the pandemic began. According to several sources, people have been opting for luxury style camping now more than ever. The amount of bookings this year compared to those of last year has nearly doubled. Some have suggested that the traditional way of camping will no longer be the standard and that people are interested in a more comfortable and sophisticated way of enjoying their next vacation. According to several sources, the most popular accommodation on the market are luxury tents and pods. Their popularity is part due to the exponential level of comfort as well as affordability. For example, its much more comfortable for a family of 4 to rent a luxury tent or RV for a week than to be sharing a tiny tent and sleeping on top of each other and getting a whole 2 hours of sleep. While glamping popularity is mainly between the ages of 19-36, it has been projected to steadily increase between the ages of 56-70. This is because some of the older generation is starting to retire early and seeking to explore the world in comfort.

Glamping Adventures in Canada

Canada’s landscape boasts endless miles of beauty making it the perfect glamping experience not matter where your destination may be. There are hundreds of picturesque campsites stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific but only a handful of luxury campgrounds worth stopping at across the country. If you’re looking to explore the areas around the Canadian Rockies, then make your way to the Sundance Lodges and enjoy luxury in the form of tents and tipis. There are several types of accommodations available depending on personal preference. Another place to stay if you are with your family or into adventure is Long Point Eco-Adventure. This community offers an unforgettable glamping experience while staying on the facility. There are several activities that kids and adults will both enjoy including swimming, zip lining and bicycling. Nothing beats stargazing from your tent pod’s porch. These high quality tents have electricity, private bathroom, hot water for your private shower, a comfortable bed, and don’t forget the Wi-Fi. Some tents even have blanket heaters and floor warmers! The community even offers water sports on the nearby lake, hot breakfast every morning, and a winery nearby.

Glamping Adventures in the United States

All across the country there are hundreds of thousands of campgrounds that offer not only luxury tents and cabins but also different outside activities like rafting, swimming, fishing and hiking. Luckily there are plenty of resources online that can help you plan your perfect vacation. Much like renting a strangers apartment for the weekend, there is a platform where you are able to stay in someone else’s tent, cabin or tipi for an affordable price. What is so enticing about this type of camping is that you are fully surrounded by nature and engulfed in the simplicity of being away from other people. Just outside Yellowstone National Park in Idaho, you can stay at one of the various glamping communities and also participate in daily excursions and 24-hour use of the facilities. This is just one example of the amenities available at one community so keep in mind that amenities will vary from region to region.

It is clear through recent statistics that the majority of people today prefer glamping over traditional camping because of the comfort and basic needs factor of life. From data collected over the years, it shows that there is a consistent growing trend in luxury experiences including camping and we don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon.

The level of luxury is often times seems endless.