Farm Tours: The Unexpected Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Updated September 7th, 2022

When you think of your next vacation the idea of waking up to the soft sounds of animals eating and getting your hands dirty in the dirt may not come to mind right away….but it should! Visiting a farm, or even having a working farm vacation, is such an intense cultural and agricultural experience that really opens your eyes to a whole new world. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in a cattle farm for a week and learn the ins and outs of migrant cattle moving, or plant vegetables for an underprivileged area while staying in a yurt, you can learn a lot about yourself and the world when you experience a farm tour.

First off, you might be asking, what is a working farm vacation and a farm tour? A working farm vacation is a break from your normal everyday life and subjecting yourself to the peace (and hard work) of farm life. There are many families that open up their home and land to visitors who want to try their hand at farming for a short while. A small property or room on property will be your home-away-from-home, you’ll work the land, do chores, and really get to know the family in a unique one-on-one experience. It’s a change to learn about the impact that our culture has on the world as well as the importance of farming to our global community. A farm tour is usually something a bit shorter, possibly a full-day experience, where you learn about the land, the farm, the people and the farming impact on the world.

Best Time to Go on a Farm Stay or Farm Tour

The amazing thing about farming – it happens all year long! In different seasons and different areas of the world, there are different trends in farming and opportunities for you to experience! Organic farms that produce plants and herbs have a season for sewing, a season for growing and a season of harvest – all of which can provide a unique, grounding and fascinating experience. Experience the methodical planning of planting season. Learn about the patience needed in the pruning and growing season. Understand firsthand the labor of love it is to experience the harvest; for without hard work often we can’t appreciate the ripe harvest (which is both true for our physical and emotional lives).

Animal farms literally have lives to maintain and every season you visit will highlight something new in your own soul as well as fascinating in the lives of these farmers. The spring season brings new birth with lots of babies being brought into the world. Summertime has challenging sweaty work that makes you tough and appreciative of the work these people put in day in and day out. Autumn brings a season of cooling and often animals have to “flip pasture” so they can enjoy fresh grass and food during the cooler months. Winter is a nesting season full of keeping all warm and protected and preparing for the next season of babies.

What Can You Do on a Farm Stay or Tour

Each farm stay or tour offers something different and honestly you can find something for your comfort level. If you want to feed baby cows, clean out horse stalls, and gather fresh chicken eggs then there’s a traditional farm stay out there for you. Or maybe you want to be in a remote part of the mountains where you can meditate and find peace in the methodical planting of seeds. Farm stays in tours are offered all over the world, in many languages, and with many opportunities to get involved. Being hands-on with animals, cooking with your host family, cleaning, planting and sewing, cattle drives, being involved in the harvest… there are so many options out there for you to grow, learn and connect.

You’ll Change as a Person during a Farm Stay or Tour

In a world that is constantly go-go-go and technology focused, there is something refreshing about stepping away from it all. There is a sense of nostalgia to a simpler time. A farm stay is a unique opportunity to get away from the normalcy of fast-paced tech-filled living and get back to nature. It’s a time for you to connect with your inner soul and nature which can be a very healing and purifying experience. There is a sense of grounding you will experience during your time on the farm. Whether it’s for a day or a week, the opportunity to get your hands dirty, connect with another human being on an emotional level, and understand our impact on Mother Earth is a truly humbling experience.

There are so many options for a farm stay or farm tour for your next vacation. All over the world there are farms that have opened their doors and arms to people from all different walks of life to experience life on a farm. The opportunity to connect with yourself and the world around you is a beautiful, healing, and cleansing experience you don’t get in many places in the world. There is a simple pure joy about getting back to nature and disconnecting from the bustling world, so we hope this inspires you to consider a farm stay or farm tour for your next memorable vacation.