Top 20 Influencers for Culinary Tourism in 2020

Updated April 15th, 2022

Culinary tourism, also known as food tourism, is a new category of specialized tourism where people go places to sample genuine cuisine and immerse themselves in the experience of living in that place through the food. Quite frequently, this includes local chocolates, beverages, and cheeses, etc. Food enthusiasts that love exploring new areas, as well as destinations, can go in dual worlds with a culinary tourism travel package. Culinary tours, food, and wine events, as well as foodie competitions, give travelers a chance to visit a new destination and sample local and regional cuisine. Whether the tour includes an opportunity to learn new cooking methods as well as attend food tastings, a culinary venture can be a welcome change from the standard travel itinerary.

The Growing Popularity of Culinary Tourism

A traveler’s image of destinations now includes fragrances or tantalized tastes. The last survey asked visitors for identifying the icons they associate most with many destinations as well as signature foods were mention right up there with images of the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, or the Golden Gate Bridge. Group travelers now see local cuisine as the main part of a place’s cultural fabric as well as the distinctive foods associated with an area trigger favorable response to the areas being visited. And, travelers can’t look to get enough of an area’s great food. Cooking schools featuring local cuisine are developing and growing in popularity with out-of-town visitors. Tours of organic farms and specialty food processing plants are rapidly becoming regular vacation activities as are having meals at restaurants that feature local foods. Festivals centered about food are another famous option for visitors to taste a variety of recipes that feature a place’s cuisine. Let us explore the growing popularity of culinary tourism.

Erik Wolf, president of the International Culinary Tourism Association, reports that destinations about the globe are making important marketing shifts as well as focusing on its regional authentic food experiences. His new book, Culinary Tourism, the Hidden Harvest shows how culinary tourism makes economic or community development. Bam! Culinary Tourism is hot! Food is an attraction like a museum. Had it happened to you, however, that food or drink is some overlooked components of the visitor experience? Each traveler eats or drinks, and consequently, the ubiquity of that behavior is something that travel industry, food, and beverage marketers overlook. The reason is that we all take eating for granted, we do it 3 times per day. Culinary Tourism is an essential new industry that weds 2 related but distant hospitality cousins' food-service or tourism. Hospitality businesses have an enormous under-explored opportunity to make an important impression on visitors with perfect memorable eating and drinking experiences.

Top Influencers in Culinary Tourism

Jose Andres

Jose Andres is a James Beard Award-winning chef. Founder or chairman of World Central Kitchen, he’s regarded as one of some influential people by Time magazine. He has co-founded the Think Food Group, which owns further than 30 restaurants worldwide. On 7th September 2019, @chefjoseandres tweeted: Dear friends of the @uscoastguard We did 14k meals yesterday, 20k today we can do 30k if we had your support if you had a heli free. We goa marked sites and names of the places we require to bring food! @usaid #ChefsForBahamas, which collected 46,081 likes and 13,312 retweets.

Zack Gallagher

Zack Gallagher, a professional chef from Donegal, Ireland, serves as a food tourism promoter for Ireland. He serves as a food ambassador for Fáilte Ireland as well as the National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland. On 22nd September, @IrishFoodGuide tweeted: Ireland’s #Food scene has undergone something of a revolution in last years. Artisan producers of world-class chefs are getting creative with our produce, utilizing fresh local ingredients to make incredible flavors, that look good too!”, which attracted 30 likes and 12 retweets.

Adie Hush

Adie Hush is a chef or food blogger from London, the United Kingdom. He regularly tweets about healthy food, recipes, as well as the modern trends in the food industry. On 28th August, @AdieHush tweeted: Lemon Coriander Chicken #Curry My recipe. Coriander Green Chilli Lemon Ginger and Onion spice paste. Fried off and added homemade chicken stock. Flavor deepened with Fish Sauce Paprika and Shrimp paste Deep Rich Potent #Diaryfree #Nutfree #Glutenfree #Healthy, which gained 30 likes or 12 retweets.

Joe Bandler

Joe Bandler is a chef or restaurateur, who contributes importantly to the site that features diets, recipes, products, as well as lifestyle articles to lead a sugar-free life. On 29th September, @ChefJoeBandler tweeted: “#RECIPE #sugar-free Scrumptious Splenda Oatmeal Cookies”.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a multi-Michelin starred chef based in the United Kingdom as well as the executive chef at Hell’s Kitchen. He owns a string of restaurants in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, and the United States. On 14th September, @gordonramsay tweeted: Oh lord…[email protected] are making breakfast pizza a thing, which collected 4,334 likes or 326 retweets.

Jp Mcmahon

Jp McMahon is a chef, restaurateur, as well as author from Ireland. He runs the Aniar Boutique Cookery School or is the culinary director at Eat Galway Restaurant Group. On 11th September, @mistereatgalway tweeted: Dexter beef tartare, pepper dulse @AniarGalway”.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a chef or restaurateur based in the United Kingdom. He owns a restaurant business named Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, which produces digital content, runs franchised restaurants, as well as markets a range of food products curated by Jamie. On 14th September, @jamieoliver tweeted: Wow, Buddy Oliver sure is following in the steps of his Dad. Buddy is getting your weekend started with few seriously great scrambled eggs #SaturdayBrunch.

Bucket List Journey, Annette White – @BucketListJrny

Annette kicked her nervousness into touch as well as since has done the most incredible things. She is rappelled down a waterfall, zip-lined through Costa Rican rainforest, fed swimming pigs, and kayaked with whales. Between her travels, Annette runs as well as owns an Italian restaurant, so when it comes to food or travel, she is an expert. Her concentrate on the foods which are inherent to local culture gives you a window straight to the heart of several countries. Our favorite is the list of traditional foods to try in Greece, which will get your mouth watering in readiness for your next visit.

Katie Parla, Katie Parla – @katieparla

Katie is based in Rome or so her food blogs introduce important food and recipes from Rome. She is written an eBook known as Eating or Drinking in Rome as well as wrote Walking Rome of National Geographic. Rome is well equipped to satisfy your taste buds. The issue is, where to start Katie’s guide to eating out in Rome on Sundays provides a few best suggestions for your trip. You try a pizza on your travels and with top picks like Pizzarium, you will never want to leave.

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