Tourism and Nature: Why it is good for the soul

Updated April 14th, 2022

Whether you walk next to a rushing river with the feel of cool mud squishing between your toes or you hike through a forest off the beaten path with the wind whistling through the trees, the sights, sounds and feel of nature all around you manages to wash a sense of calm over you. Everyone feels it if they take enough time to appreciate it.

Touring through Nature Is Good for the Soul

Experiencing nature in this way—truly using all of your senses as you explore the outdoors—not only creates a soothing pastime, but it also has a variety of health and well-being benefits that can improve your overall life experience.

Keeps depression and anxiety in check.

Many studies have shown that being outside in nature naturally reduces depression and anxiety and lowers stress. According to psychologist Benjamin Miller, being in nature allows our minds to focus on the

present moment

. When we take time to walk through and appreciate nature, our worries and stresses from work, home or elsewhere fade away, or at least do not seem as big anymore.

Improves the immune system.

Being outside, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, allows you to soak up needed vitamins from the sun for your immune system. The more time you spend outside, the more

Vitamin D

you receive, which helps regulate nutrients needed for bone health. Studies show that being outside

reduces blood pressure

. Research has even suggested that nature walks help

prevent the risk of cancer


Maintains physical fitness.

The obvious benefit of walking in nature is the physical health aspect. The more walking you do, the more exercise you are getting. You do not necessarily need vigorous activity to maintain prime physical fitness. It is good for losing body fat and toning your overall physical shape. It will also help to strengthen your

muscle power and endurance

. One 2007 study has shown that women who walk around 75 minutes a week and are otherwise inactive still improved their fitness levels significantly compared to those with no exercise at all.

Enhances overall mood and wellbeing.

Walking in nature doesn’t just help you relax in the moment, although it does that too. It can help you improve your overall wellbeing.


have shown that experiencing the outdoors has benefits like protecting your vision, helping you stay focused, and eliminate fatigue. So even if you are not feeling down now, taking a walk through nature can help revitalize you in ways you didn’t expect you even needed.

If you are not yet convinced that you can only benefit from spending time on a nature walk, then you are in desperate need of one. Not many, if any at all, have denied the healing powers of taking time out to experience and appreciate nature. So, next time you consider taking a vacation to help you escape from your current worries, remember that one of the best ways to help you feel better is to escape to somewhere in nature.