Philantourism: Where is it most popular?

Updated April 14th, 2022

Philanthropy married to Tourism is popularly known as Philantourism. It's not a mentioned term in the glossaries as of yet. Philantourism is a fast-growing trend in today’s world. It is a kind of voluntourism which means the act of choosing a destination that is in need of tourism. It is a way of supporting the chosen destination in order to support it for some good causes.

How to get involved with Philantourism

All you need to do is choose a particular place and then explore its culture, history and buy some souvenirs to fill up the empty pockets of the local people to aid in the development of that place. This is a great way of achieving two things through the effort for one. Philantourism lets you satisfy your wanderlust while leaving a positive impact.

Top 4 Destinations for Philantourism

Turkey Philantourism

The historical country of Turkey brims with an intriguing culture and artistically designed architecture. Though the incidents which had happened in some selective parts of the country has led to some travellers dropping off the plans, it is one of the best countries to visit. In the city of Troy, you can accompany archaeologists to dig the traces of the country's history. Most importantly, you just cannot afford to miss the magnificent city of Istanbul. It has something to offer to everyone. Also, it's a range of spellbinding mosques like the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque which are extremely stunning with their intricate designs and architecture.

Sri Lanka Philantourism

Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations for philantourism. It's a perfect place to get immersed in the country’s culture and live like a local citizen. An average time required to explore the best in the country is fourteen days during which you are comfortably accommodated in family-owned guest houses where you can chat with the locals and know their history. Local guides ensure to give you a tour around the most attractive attractions of the place. There are a bunch of things to do here, for example, fishing, biking, kayaking and enjoying the wildlife safaris. Also, if you wish then you may also attend a cookery class or teach English at the local schools.

Australia Philantourism

Australia is a country that needs more and more tourists to visit the place. Indulging in the Koala recovery project in Victoria and the bushfire recovery project on the Kangaroo Islands are sure to give the much-needed dopamine rush. The Great Ocean Road allows you to travel around the beautiful city of Melbourne with a cool breeze in your face. Also, you can visit Barossa Valley and Coonawarra which are major tourist attractions while going for Philantourism in Australia.

Zimbabwe Philantourism

After having seen decades of disturbance, Zimbabwe is now inviting tourists from the world to visit their land and leave a positive impact through Philantourism. Just a safari ride and a long stroll through the Hwange National Park and Victoria falls will help you in accomplishing your aim of improving the lives of the local community. Some private lodges aim to ensure the support for the families living there. Many businesses in Zimbabwe work to build local schools and healthcare facilities for the citizens. The need for tourism in Zimbabwe makes it one of the top destinations for Philantourism.