Taking a break by the pool at a her hometown hotel to start the weekend without traveling too far.

Getting Started in Travel

August 1st, 2020

By this point we have made thousands of trips and collectively the authors at TravelTrends.com have flow hundres of thousands of miles. Taken dozens of cruzes. We have crossed the United States on road trips up and down the coasts and gone coast to coast.

So today we ask ourselves. Where would we start over again, how would we do it? Let take a look at the thought exercise:

When should you start traveling?

Lets just cut right to the chase. I would have started earlier.

As the saying goes. The best time to plant an apple tree is 15 years ago, the second best time? Today.

Same for travel. These are memories that you will enjoy and build on the rest of your life so our recommendation is to start as soon as possible. You can start planning today. You can leave tomorrow.

You will never be 100% prepared so start soon and enjoy the journey.

Where should you start traveling?

This is not as easy to answer but generally speaking I would suggest starting somewhere close.

Two reasons. First, you don't want to over do it. Start with your first trip somewhere close and approachable.

Second, you want to set the bar so that the rest of your trips don't seem lackluster.

What should you do?

That is the beauty of it. You have so many things you can choose to do. Here are some easy and approachable options:

  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Visit a local tourist site
  • Go camping
  • Take a nature walk

I hope these suggestions help you get started on your next travel.

Dream big and you'll go far.