Family taking a break in the airport while traveling to their vacation destination

Top 7 Kid Friendly Vacation Trends

September 8th, 2020

If your resolution of New Year is to show your children more of the world, this list is for you. Think beyond weekends at the beach and theme park destinations, as well as read up on what sources say are going to be top travel destinations, but the kid-friendly travel trends you will be seeing everywhere in the next decade.

Take the Family Glamping

Glamping gives you the better of both worlds. The smell of a campfire in your hair or a usual bed to sleep on. You would not have to schlep all of your camping gear with you, everybody gets a good sleep of night, and you yet get time out in the woods away from Wi-Fi or civilization.

Avoid Over tourism with Second-City Travel

Swap touristy destinations such as Venice and the Caribbean with lesser-known destinations that have a similar feel but some tourists. This travel trend provides families a further low-key trip and the opportunity to get a more specialized experience while lessening the effect of over-tourism on cities.

Taste the Culture of Another Country

There is nothing that teaches you extra about a country than an immersive cooking experience with a local. Traveling Spoon pairs visitors with local chefs as well as house cooks so families can cook a local dish or dine together. Children will love visiting local markets as well as seeing what interesting ingredients they can discover.

Travel by Train

If you reach your destination traveling by train, then it will be fun. Overnight trains are fantastic these days, with game rooms, sightseeing cars, or dining cars with table service. You will decrease the stress on the driver and see the country like you never have before. If a stationary train is your problem, you could opt to sleep in one that stays in one place.

Go Off the Grid on an Adventure Vacation

If you’re not a sit-on-the-beach-and-relax person, consider an adventure vacation for your next family trip. Whether it is an expedition cruise about Iceland and a visit to a treehouse paradise, you will see children's eyes light up when they see the adventure that’s in store for them. Adventure travel puts you out of your comfort zone by providing activities like white water swimming, rafting, and zip-lining with sharks. It is beautiful that the children will go house with great memories.

Aloha from Hawaii

Hawaii tops the list of family travel destinations, and it is no secret why. The weather is best for most of the year, the sights are beautiful, the people are friendly as well as the resorts are designed to welcome both children or parents alike.

Make It a Micro-cation

If you have a lack of time and a tight budget, then think about a micro-cation for your family trip. This 4-day and fewer trips let you see someplace new and get a break from daily life. It is a great way to get the children used to travel without having to pack a lot of gear for everybody. Surprise the children with a last-minute trip or see a new part of the country.

Give Back with a Volunteer Vacation

Visit a destination and help improve the lives of other families with hands-on, family-friendly projects that create meaningful memories. Pack with a Purpose puts you in touch with organizations that require food, clothing, and supplies; bring it with you, and your children will see how it does a world of better.

Road Trips Are on the Rise

Now road trips are on the rise. From local jaunts to cross-country treks, signs show that further Millennials are selecting to hit the road rather than flying the friendly skies. So, you can take this idea as well for your next trip.

What to pack when taking a trip with kids?

The Car Seat

Even though you have the choice of renting one with your car when you arrive at your destination, there is no guarantee it is going to be new and you have no way of knowing if it got an accident in past. A compromise? Buy a car seat that is a lot easy to keep in tow.

IDs/Health Insurance Cards

This can look clear to those of us who continuously carry around health insurance cards, but not everybody does. Having IDs for kids is a great idea. It never hurts to be prepared.

Tylenol, Saline, and Syringe

See everything in your medicine cabinet above. Tylenol or Saline works with a host of issues, including teething, colds, fevers, etc. And a syringe makes it simple to get the medicine into your kid.

Small Scissors

This can sound weird, but hear us out. First off, a pair of scissors makes opening anything a lot simple. And with children who are continuously wrapping things around their fingers, these can literally be a lifesaver. Imagine a tiny string wrapped around the toe of a baby? Yes, it happens frequently than we realize. Small scissors are unique to get that string off.

Ziploc Bags

Fill these with snacks for the day of travel as well as keep them handy. Whether you are sticking in dirty clothes, bathing suits, very small toys, toiletries on the way house, or more snacks, Ziploc bags are one of the great and most valuable things to pack on a trip.

Baby Carrier

Sometimes it’s simple to wear your small one. It is calming to them in a new and somewhat overwhelming environment. Wearing a baby to get on a plane is a simple experience much better than dragging a stroller. Try checking the stroller or wearing the baby through security. Plus, if you are planning outdoorsy activities such as hiking, and long walks, etc., a stroller is not feasible.

Small Toys

When the tablets lose their power, and if you need to start with something that isn’t tech-driven, have some toys for children to unwrap on the plane, at the airport, in the car. There is a whole range of cool items out there that price $10 and less.


You do not want to take the whole medicine cabinet with you, but be sure you have many painkillers, nose spray and some band helps with you.

Some snacks

Depending on the time as well as the duration of your flight, you can take some food with you for the children. Cookies, apples, grapes are a big success with children. Try to avoid any food or drinks that may be messy. You do not want to deal with dirty clothes and sticky fingers on the plane.

Some lollipops

Funny but effective. You can give lollipops to the children during take-off and landing and you will see that it does wonders. Not do the children sit quieter in their seats, but it is the best way to help them avoid ear pain because of the changing pressure.