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Preperation Tips for your Glamping Getaway

September 3rd, 2020

Camping can be a grueling experience, you sleep on the hard dirt, you pop up a weak tent, and have to build a fire. You want to be out in the great outdoors, but you long for those creature comforts of home - like shelter and a toilet.

Glampingis the solution to having the best of both worlds, it allows you to enjoy comforts while exploring and being outside.

You may imagine RV’s and luxurious cabins, but you can create your own glamping experience in a variety of ways.

Anyone can have a lavish outdoor experience, all you have to do is learn how to prepare for a glamping trip!

Know Your Glamping Options

While it can be rather expensive to have a luxurious glamping experience, thanks to its rise in popularity over the last decade, according to the KOA blog, glamping has become much more accessible in different styles and structures.

Instead of breaking the bank at an exotic resort or magnificent RV, consider these other structure options:

Rent a cabin or yurt

Many campgrounds have their own yurts(tents with floors and sometimes toilets) that you can rent at a reasonable rate

Airbnb, Lodges, and other cabin rentals are available in many camping places

Rent an RV

Instead of making a major investment you can rent something small - or large!

You will have to park in campground and pay a fee

You and your friends will easily fit and can split the fees

Purchase a luxury tent

Amazon offers a variety of glamping tents that you can easily furnish with pillows, blankets and other portable furniture to create extra comfort

These tents often offer greater protection than standard camping tents

If you are going camping with friends, consider investing in something large together

Your Needs

The most important thing to consider when going on a glamping adventure is your needs. What are your expectations in glamping?

What are the camping amenities that will make your adventure glamorous? You should pinpoint exactly what you need from your glamping experience.

Use these starter questions as a guide:

What kind of furniture do I want? Airbeds or cots?

How do I want to cook? A stove or over the fire?

Do I need my own plumbing?

Do I need electricity?

Do I need access to the internet?

Who all is coming?

What are my creature comforts? (Bedding, television, cell coverage, etc.)

Once you’ve decided how you want to glamp you can decide which structure and location works best for you.

The Location

Now that you have your needs outlined you can define your preferred method of glamping and begin your search for your destination! Depending on where you want to go, certain structures and campgrounds may be more cost effective than purchasing your own tent and renting camping space.

Consider the overall cost of buying a tent vs. renting a yurt or cabin in a similar location. Remember that certain structures may cost more but may be a better fit for your glamping experience; weigh in your needs and budget against each other and make compromises on either.

If you can remain flexible on your destination you may be able to find the perfect glamping spot.

Just like when searching for the right hotel, campgrounds offer certain amenities that you may need. Check their website and reviews to make sure your campground will have everything you need.

Before you book your spot, be sure to check the weather!

Packing & Prep

You’ve found the perfect campground and figured out your temporary shelter, now onto the fun part, preparation and packing!

Whether you’ve decided to rent a cabin or get a luxurious tent, there are some packing essentials you should always consider:


First and foremost, have a meal plan! Plan for each day, accounting for each body you will need to feed

Keep your food in tupperware and ziplock bags (and bring a cooler!)

You may need to bring specialty cooking ware


Yes, and other drinks too, of course

Don’t skimp on the water, having a travel canteen is ideal


Charging blocks are essential if you are not going to be in a location with its own power source (don’t forget the cords too!)

Card and board games can bring your group together and pass a lot of time

Glamping is a great opportunity to read, write, or create art!


Bedding, blankets, and pillows create extra comfort

Folding chairs


Exterior and interior lighting

Your Clothes

Pack comfortably and for versatility

Bring your slippers!


Plates, cups, and other plateware

Your portable gadgets (tablet, phone, ect.)

Anything else you might need!

Glamping Getaway

As alternatives to camping and hotel getaways become more popular, so have the products and tools that help you prepare for your glamping getaway! Portable fire pits, small generators, and other glamping tools are on the rise.

Always do research into your purchases; read reviews for tents, look at every campground’s website, and research your locations when planning.

Proper packing and planning will guarantee your flawless glamping getaway.

After building your own adventure you will find the endless possibilities to your vacation.

Learn more about how to glamp, where to glamp, and other glamping trends here!

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