Two women on a hike

Girls Only Camping Trip

September 2nd, 2020

As I sat by the gorgeous ocean in front of me this morning while my mom sat beside me reading a book, I started to think about how important it was to get away. More importantly to get away with the awe-inspiring women in my life. Nothing gets me more excited than planning a girls trip because there’s a different kind of energy that goes into that trip.

Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Camping

I think one of the most underrated trips out there are camping trips. Yes, beach trips are wonderful, but there’s something cathartic about heading into the wild and being one with our world and the nature we tend to forget about that lives outside our doors. I know it seems a little intimidating because there’s more work that goes into that trip. It’s that reason though, that these kinds of trips create the most magic and magic happens with a little more effort, under some fiery stars and away from good cell reception.

Organizing A Girls Only Camping Trip

It can sometimes seem that the effort to get a group of your friends together on a camping or hiking trip is a little daunting. Everybody has lives and everyone has a person, husband, or wife. There are jobs to consider and children’s schedules to work around. But the first step in pulling off an unforgettable trip is just to ask around and see who would be willing to take some time to join you. We sometimes get stuck thinking about how everyone is so busy, but we might be missing the fact that maybe someone else you know is thinking the same thing. Once you’ve found your girls, don’t just get excited, get to work! Set up a group chat and start sharing ideas on locations and to-do lists. Don’t let that fire dim, keep working on details, and before you know it, you’ll have a date and a group of ladies getting ready to retreat for some much-needed nature therapy.

You can only prepare so much before you let the elements take you for a ride. My best advice is to allow yourself the flexibility for change to happen and to take these days together for what they are. I promise when you get the right women together and you plan enough but also leave room for spontaneity and adventure, you’ll find yourself bonded to mother nature and these beautiful friends that you’ve become closer to in just a matter of days.

Prepare to be Inspired

I hope we all get the chance to have trips like these. Trips that make us think a little, and trips that take us out of our element and into the moment. Trips that create opportunities to be inspired by the beauty of earth and all the life on it. Trips with women who are courageous enough to take time out of their busy schedules to explore with you and to open up their hearts and create bonds for life. So here’s to you, and to that daring girl gang you have, and to the lifetime of adventures and sacred memories that you all will share together.