Best things to do in New River Gorge National Park

Updated April 26th, 2022
Best things to do in New River Gorge National Park

New River Gorge is famous for being one of the most scenic and popular destinations in West Virginia. The New River Gorge is home to some of the best hiking and camping in the state, as well as some of the most popular rafting and kayaking spots. The New River Gorge is also home to the New River Gorge Bridge, which is the longest steel arch bridge in the world. The New River Gorge is a great place to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors, and there are plenty of things to do for all ages.

1. Hiking

If a visitor hikes in New River Gorge, they will likely feel the adrenaline rush of being in a natural and untouched area. The views are breathtaking and the hike itself is difficult, but the payoff is well worth it. The trails are well maintained and the scenery is constantly changing, making it a great place to hike with a group or alone.

2. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge is an exhilarating experience that will leave visitors feeling exhilarated and excited. The rapids are well-maintained and the guides are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.

3. Rock Climbing

When they Rock Climbing in New River Gorge, visitors experience an adrenaline rush as they scale the cliffs. The cliffs are steep and the rocks are rough, so climbers must be strong and have good balance to make it to the top.

4. Mountain Biking

When mountain biking in the New River Gorge, visitors will experience a unique and rugged landscape. The trails are challenging and will require a lot of skill and conditioning to ride. The views are breathtaking, and the crowds are rare. This is a great place to go if you're looking for a unique outdoor experience.

5. Camping

A visitor's experience when camping in New River Gorge would be enjoyable. The campsites are spaced out well and offer a great view of the gorge. There are plenty of amenities nearby, including a pool and playground, which makes camp life that much more enjoyable. The gorge is also a great place to hike, bike, and kayak, making it a perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

6. Fishing

A visitor's experience when fishing in New River Gorge is enjoyable. The water is clear and the scenery is beautiful. The fish are plentiful, and the anglers can find a variety of fish to catch, including trout, salmon, and bass. The park is well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

7. Swimming

A visitor swimming in the New River Gorge would likely feel the cool water on their skin and the gentle current moving them around. They would see the beautiful limestone cliffs and rushing river below them.

8. Sightseeing

A visitor's experience when they Sightseeing in New River Gorge would be filled with amazement and excitement. The beauty of the gorge and the history behind it would be second to none. The visitor would be able to see everything from the cliffs to the river below, and would be able to explore all of the different trails that wind through the area.