Group of people rafting in white water rapids

High Adventure Travel Trends

August 22nd, 2020

Adventure travel is a rapidly growing sector, enticing the curious and the thrill-seekers looking to get the most out of their travels. It’s not just about climbing the highest mountains and trekking through the rainforest. Adventure travel is constantly evolving, allowing more and more people to create their own adventures, wherever in the world they may be. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just looking to dip your toe into the water, here are the latest adventure travel trends that you won’t want to miss.


With many looking to travel closer to home, adventure travellers are finding new ways to challenge themselves on a smaller scale. Opening up adventure travel to people from all walks of life, microadventures are generally trips that only last for a day or weekend and can be achieved on a fairly small budget. Microadventures work in both urban and rural settings, whether it’s exploring underground or abandoned places in your city or heading into the nearby woodland for a weekend of foraging and wild camping.

Conservation Projects

Responsible travel is a hot topic for the tourism industry, and adventure tourism is no different. More and more people are starting to think about how they can give something back and help to protect the world we live in. Conservation projects can take adventure travellers to some of the most far-flung corners of the globe while making a positive difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable species. Adventure conservation projects are rich and varied, from catch-and-release shark tagging off the coast of Mexico to tracking endangered antelopes in Angola.

Transformative Travel

Adventure travellers are increasingly looking for transformative experiences that will broaden their horizons and give them new perspectives. A strong indicator of traveller’s shifting values, more and more tour operators are offering trips with a transformative element. It comes in many forms, but is always based on connection and authenticity. For adventurers, this might mean living amongst nomadic communities in Mongolia to gain new insight into family relationships. It might mean pushing your boundaries with a trek to Mount Everest base camp. One of the key things about transformative travel is that it is totally personal to you.

Alternative Destinations

For a few years now, travel has been largely influenced by social media, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. But there is a growing number of people who are looking to escape the crowds and enjoy their travels for the experience itself, not just the pictures they can share online. Rather than opt for the obvious, these adventure travellers are seeking out alternative destinations. Instead of trekking through Patagonia, they might explore the untouched mountain terrain of Kyrgyzstan or hike the new Transcaucasian Trail. Straying far from the beaten path is a great way to make your own adventure while doing your bit for over tourism along the way.