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Tourism Trends in the News

September 4th, 2020

Rising Interest in Tourism News

Over time, an increase in international travel and tourism has been recorded with each passing year. We know that trends around the globe are changing and so are the interests of people. The demand for tourism and the tourism news is on the rise which has led to the formation of many of the independent tourism blogs. News platforms present what their audience wants to see and keeping into account the immense rise in the tourism-related search trends, it has managed to contribute a large part of the global news.

Tourism Interest Areas

Categorically in the news, ‘Google Trends’ presents the rise in the trend of travel and tourism specifically in Kenya, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore

Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya, whichhas been a major contributor to Kenya’s economy, is lately making major rounds in the international news primarily because of its captivating wildlife, museums and monuments, rock art, world heritage sites and marine parks.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan hasbeen highlighted a lot in international news since there has been a rising influx of international travel bloggers from across the world namely, Eva Zu Beck, Nas Daily, Alyne Tamir, Mark Weins and numerous others.

Tourism in Malaysia

According to recent reports from Malaysia, the country has been allowing medical tourists inside its territory ,that has previously been providing top-notch tourist destinations to the world.

Tourism in South Africa

Travel Bloggers are becoming increasingly interested in South African tourism provided its scenic coasts, breathtaking wildlife and lively city life.

Tourism in Singapore

Tourism in Singapore has come to international limelight by attracting an influx of international tourists in the number, three times more than Singapore’s population.


In a word, when we see the current situation where a large percentage of the world population has been restricted to their homes, it can be ascertained that there will be a boost in travel and tourism once the lockdown is lifted. For now, people are trying to ease their wanderlust virtually through media platforms which is resulting in the elevated research rate of tourism in news.