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Great Destinations

August 29th, 2020


We all have that one list of top travel destinations that we dream to see at least once in a lifetime. Maybe we never know or think about how and why these places have captured our imagination. Of course, there are a lot factors that make a destination desirable, attracting more visitors than other places. As to everything in life, trends appear and disappear, the preferences of travelers change with the passing of time or following certain events not related to the travel industry. Nevertheless, there are some unique and exceptional destinations that never really go out of fashion, appealing to all types of travelers. Places like the Caribbean Islands with their pristine beaches, the picturesque hilltop medieval towns of Tuscany, the awe-inspiring wilderness of Iceland and so on have a special something that is actually pretty hard to pinpoint.

As a matter of fact, it is never a single thing or feature that makes a travel destination most desirable. It is always a combination of different characteristics, a fortunate mix of beautiful landscapes, authentic culture, welcoming people, great food and more. With the incredible reach of technology, especially transportation, mass-media and social media, otherwise almost unknown amazing places have gotten into the spotlight of the whole world, becoming veritable magnets for avid travelers. The more people speak and share their experience about a destination they visited and thoroughly enjoyed, the more other travelers will want to see it and feel it firsthand.

While some places only grow in desirability over time, some will eventually burn out after a new place is discovered. There is also the problem of overcrowding, which can also decrease the desirability of a destination after a certain point. To be desirable, a destination has to check one or more of the following characteristics: uniqueness, authenticity, beauty, accessibility, hospitality, services, remoteness, meaning and many others. The more features it has, the more it becomes a dream destination for more people. Travelers usually search for something new all the time, usually opposite to what they are used to and able to stir new emotions. This is why so many desire the travel to exotic, far-away destinations, to try new things and meet new people all the time!